Susana Reberdito -018

Relief I

Plexiglass black / big: 46 x 54 x 3 cm / small: 35 x 41 x 2 cm

Cat. Nr.: SURE 018

This object is hung directly on the wall, creating a beautiful play of shadows according to the intensity of the light it receives.

Susana Reberdito creates a series of completely new still lifes with her reliefs. Using black as the only colour, she draws her well-known flower or fruit motifs in the air, which now receive a new sculptural value: A play of contrasts, between light and shadow. Very interesting reliefs are created, with which the artist takes painting out of the boundaries of the rectangle.

875,00 €
Tax incl.

Delivery time to Germany: between 3-7 working days. Delivery time to other european countries: between 5-12 working days. Shipping to other countries: please consult by Email.


The artist Susana Reberdito constantly reinvents herself, is curious and open to new techniques and continues to develop as an artist. Her latest project is the creation of three-dimensional art. Her previously known iPad drawings now become plexiglass sculptures. The coloured plastic sheets are cut into shape by a laser process. Available in various sizes and colours, these special reliefs fit perfectly into the most diverse spaces.

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