Lidia Masllorens- 005

Silvia I (Copper)

Giclée / 156 x 150 cm / (with frame 156 x 153 cm ) / 2019 / Cat. No. LIMA - 005

framed in white wood and personalised in the colour copper.

The giclee allows the artist to obtain a serial work of great printing quality. Made with natural pigments, it faithfully reproduces the character of works painted on paper. To personalize the prints the artist paints each directly with a different color.

3.265,00 €
Tax incl.

Delivery time to Germany: between 3-9 working days. Delivery time to other european countries: between 12-15 working days. Shipping to other countries: please consult by Email.


The works of the Catalan artist have one thing in common: they are charged with emotion. Masllorens has developed her very own technique. She usually does not use real people as models, but she herself invents archetypal faces, which, however, get their own character through small details.

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