Cristina Ghetti


Acrylic on canvas / 80 x 80 cm / Unique / Cat. nr.: CRGH 028

Line and colour form the main elements of the small to large format works, which experiment with the visual perception of the human being and the optical illusion. The artist follows the Op Art of the 1960s, but adds a technological component that leads to interesting and fascinating results.

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The basic elements of Cristina Ghetti's work are line and colour. On this basis, the Argentinean experimented with the perception of the human eye and added a technological component to the artistic movements of the 1960s: special software provided the necessary algorithmic structures underlying the patterns. The artist then transfers these generated lines precisely to the most traditional medium of art: the canvas. Wavy lines dominate the surface and colour contrasts underline the optical effect of the medium to large format works. The result is an impression of movement on a static ground. The simulated vibration of the lines stimulates the senses of the viewer, who has to reposition himself in space. A physical interaction between painting and viewer is created by playing with visual perception and blurring the boundaries of reality.

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