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Ignacio Llamas

Nr. IV. From the series "Solitudes"

Printing of natural pigments on cotton paper and dibond aluminum / framed / 50 x 100 cm / Edition: only 3 copies Cat. nr.: IGLL 001

Careful composition and a nuanced play with light and shadow create poetic spaces that form a retreat. The photographs evoke silence and melancholy and invite the viewer to an inner dialogue.

Below the picture you will find a text inspired by this work.

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But what is loneliness? It's hard to feel lonely on a planet of 7.5 billion people like you and me. Is it perhaps turning your back on all those people? To look away where we are unlikely to find anyone? Is it the ability to ignore all the beauty around us? It's true that sometimes the world falls apart, the walls of our dreams fall down and become pieces, which make it very difficult for us to walk on that rough and uneven ground. It might seem like an endless surface, but it is not. I've seen where it ends, and I've discovered that it's an imaginary world, where I can choose my perspective on that space, the light or the darkness, choose to look at what's standing or what's left behind in the zone of oblivion. My decision has led me to go forward, excuse me if you don't find me. I've gone out looking for you and I'm going to find you.

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