Isabel Tallos

Miniature shop. Paris.

Mineral pigments on cotton paper / Image 46x46 cm / Paper 50x50 cm / Cat. nr.: ISTA 026

Special gallery edition. The Space-Time series to which this work corresponds, encloses people in a block of ice. The realization of the photograph is complicated, because in order to make the movement of the hair and the smoothness of the body real, the artist immerses the model in water. Only in this way does the expressiveness of the body correspond to the final result.

340,00 €
Tax incl.

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In most of Isabel Tallos' photographs it is the artist herself who is represented in them. In this series she is an exception because of the difficulty of making a self-portrait under water. The artist also enjoys, in all her series, playing digitally with the proportions of the characters and the scenery in order to obtain unusual and very interesting images.

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