Carlos Albert


Paper collage / unique / 60 x 75 cm / 2020 / You have the option to buy the paper framed or unframed.

Cat. Nr.: CAAL 225

If you choose the framed option, we use a white wooden frame with a small glass case and museum glass. The paper then has a margin of 2 cm and is completely free. This way it acquires an object character. In the photo Nr. 5 you can see the detail of the frame and the showcase.

1.655,00 €
Tax incl.

Delivery time to Germany: between 3-7 working days. Delivery time to other european countries: between 5-12 working days. Shipping to other countries: please consult by Email.


In this new series of collages, Carlos Albert uses more vivid tones than in his earlier works. His papers combine different textures and material thicknesses. The artist needs the three-dimensionality that the collage technique offers to express himself. In this case he combines red and blue tones.

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