Moisés Yagües - Kopfsache

Moisés Yagües *1972, Murcia

"Kopfsache" is a metaphorical series about ideas around love, heartbreak and art. The head is used as a scenic space to express these ideas, creating two parallel levels in the reading of the work of art. While the first level is reduced to a monochromatic profile, the second level is a detailed narration, in which the stylistic language of the characters has to do with the world of comics. Form and content often come together.

Moisés Yagües stages small stories and tells rarities of life in which the protagonists are immersed in their own thoughts and in their environment. Thanks to his individual language of form, his images sometimes appear delicate, sometimes powerful, critical or funny. The works are full of poetry, grace and movement. The head motif, for example, serves both as a platform for the pictorial narrative and as a metaphor for the actual place of origin and source of ideas of her narratives. His images open up new humorous worlds to the viewer, full of ideas and colours, but with a critical nuance that gives depth to his works. Irony is an element that the artist handles with skill and that accompanies the excellent choice of title.

The works of Moses Yagües are intelligent works in which the "head" reflects on different human constitutions, personal relationships and social problems. The viewer of the works becomes a mind reader who can look at and observe the destinies of the characters without the individual stories being close to him. Like a poet, Moses Yagües manages to convey essential ideas that move each of us, veiled, but at the same time clear and different.

Since 2006, the artist Moisés Yagües has shown his work in various individual and collective exhibitions, both national and international, biennials and art fairs. His work has frequently been awarded prizes or grants, in particular the first prize of the National Chalcography in Spain.

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