Carlos Albert: Space and Colour
27.03. - 30.06.2020

With the exhibition "Space and Colour" we present a new facet of the artist Carlos Albert: his coloured sculptures. If his works so far have shown the natural surface of iron, corten steel or stainless steel, the artist has been experimenting with the expressiveness of colour for some time now and has produced some large-format works.  Now, in this exhibition, he presents us his latest sculptures in all the usual formats. 

The colour not only gives the works a different appearance, but also a different character, as the emotional effect evokes new sensations that are now associated with the form. It is interesting to see what visual effects the forms have and how the sensations associated with the volume and weight of the work change with each of the colours. He has chosen strong colours that harmonise well with the natural environment and applies them monochrome to the work. 

The colour fixation is achieved by fire, i.e. the material iron or steel is not only fixed with a layer of paint at high temperatures, but is also completely protected against corrosion, so that the sculptures can be placed both inside and outside. 

Carlos Albert's career continues to grow, both in terms of the major exhibitions and collections that contain his works and the placement of monumental works in public spaces. The artist continues to develop in new directions without ever repeating himself, bringing in new and interesting ideas at every stage. This always keeps him in the artistic present, as an interesting and growing value. 

In 2013 we presented his first solo exhibition in Germany. It is a pleasure for Galerie 100 Kubik to accompany the artist all these years. 

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