Magazin - Ignacio LLamas. May 2020

This is a collaboration with the artist Ignacio Llamas, in which his wonderful photographs are accompanied by some texts. The texts do not try to explain the pictures, but to accompany them.  


I prepared my garden. I cut the dead branches and left the ones that promised life in place. I also cut the ones growing in the wrong direction.  I cleaned the soil of its foliage and let in the sunlight that brought out the shadows of the trees.
The light brightened the colors, nuanced the tones, brought joy to my spirit.

Why is everything so sad without light?

Now I am happy, because today the sun shines and all the green colors compete in beauty. I look at my garden and I can see all possible shades, thanks to the light. I feel my garden growing, silently and upwards. Each branch reaches in all directions, just like my body. I feel attached to my garden because I grow with it. My arms and legs are like the branches of my trees, expanding from the moment of the Big Bang. Both they and I need the sun.

What happened? Didn't you get along? Why did you go so far away?

This space was my natural world, my place, my starting point in my life, the space of lights and shadows that was projected incessantly, each of my days. There I could recharge my batteries, renew my energies to face the daily routine. In my space I had the opportunity to stop and reflect. I sat on the bench in the shade of my favorite tree and watched the shadows the sun cast on the bare surfaces. This drawing of the lines captivated me, for in them I could imagine all possible ways on the earthly sphere. How the directions of the compass interlocked and radiated. I always imagined where the individual lines led, north, south, east and west. And how I walked all these ways and reached different cities on the planet, different societies, forests and seas.

I dreamed of collecting a handful of sand and earth from each of the beaches and forests I visited. I would mix the earth with the sand and knead it with water to build the walls of my world. It would be the best material to make dreams come true, full of experiences and memories, friends and lovers, long conversations, unforgettable places and open smiles.

All this was what made up my universe, my place in the world.

Photos: Ignacio Llamas. Texts: Carmen González-Borrás

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