Waldo Balart

Waldo Balart  *1931, Banes (Cuba)

" With my work I have an ethical pact with life: the discipline gives me form and structure, and the colour fantasy." 

 The artist, who lives in Spain, is one of the decisive representatives of Concrete-Art in Latin America. Waldo Balart was born in Banes, Cuba, moved to New York in 1959 and realized his first exhibition at the RJ Gallery, New York, in 1961.  He is an artist who thinks and acts in systems, connections, relationships and contexts. His work is rational and concrete: he uses color as a carrier of meaning from an objective perspective. According to the painter: "(...) we do not see the 'colours' of the world, but we live in our own colour space". Balart is also an art theoretician and in 2011 he published "La práctica del arte concreto" (The Practice of Concrete Art) and published numerous essays in European media until 1993.

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